A Slave By Any Other Name

Last week Andrew Stiles of the Free Beacon broke a story that revealed that federal prison inmates from UNICOR are working for a private company. So how did this happen? In 1937 DuPont, the company responsible for most of the … Continue reading

I am a writer

Hello world! My name is JS Laurin and I am a writer.

It feels good to finally admit what I’ve always suspected deep in my heart. Thanks to Jeff Goins for helping me realize this through his new ebook You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One).

In it Jeff talks about the power behind speaking your dreams. This goes a long way towards proving the power of positive thinking and other such ideas. I’ve experienced this myself and it is a common adage regarding love, that you must love yourself before you can be loved. In the same way, you must declare yourself to be a writer, in order to become one.

This is my written declaration. My intention to craft with words and build something from nothing. I won’t write to an audience, or even look for one but instead will choose to practice until I find my voice.

This isn’t my first foray into writing, in high school I wrote wildly fantastic adventure stories in a creative writing class. I left school my senior year with a shiny new journal from my favorite teacher, words of encouragement that urged me to continue writing and a request for a signed copy of my first book. After that I promptly forgot how to write. This is my comeback, this is me promising that young man that I won’t let him down, that I will stick to this until I become better.